Change Management

Change Management

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Using our knowledge, experience and intelligent systems we can assist you with formulating change strategies.


Cubic assess your workspace, analyse your occupancy and help implement improvements to utilisation whilst accommodating flexibility.

We support public and private sector organisations by making effective use of existing workspace and implementing flexible, agile and collaborative working practices, based on accurate data, which we will collect on your behalf.

Strategic Support

Our extensive experience in workplace change can be utilised to develop cost effective change programmes.

Based on accurate utilisation and occupancy data we would gather on your behalf (OCCUPi) we can assist you with:


We support businesses throughout the implementation process, allowing you to enhance the workspace, drive efficiencies and increase productivity.

Our automated data gather and space utilisation services reveal the true occupancy facts about your existing portfolio, we can assist you to assess the changes required to gain optimum performance.

We gain a detailed understanding of your objectives and advise on how best your desired change can be realised, this in turn allows you to align both workspace and business goals to your best advantage.

Programme Management

We are experienced and skilled in programme management, managing many types of corporate change projects, from retail consolidation exercises to wholesale commercial portfolio consolidation or expansion.

We can also assist with Project Managing these programmes, should you not have the in-house resources and expertise.

You can benefit from our understanding of the complexities and cost saving elements, which allows us to deliver true value, whilst maintaining the focus of ‘on time’ ‘on budget’ delivery.

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