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The traditional office is fast disappearing, being replaced with flexible and agile working practices. The key drivers being portfolio optimisation, cost reduction and the introduction of agile & collaborative working practices.


Having assisted some of the largest organisations in the UK with the implementation of agile working strategies, we have gained a valuable insight into the practicalities of delivering this change.

Agile working is not all about space reduction and cost saving, if implemented in the right way, agile working can free up space to develop and encourage collaborative practices, which in turn improve business performance.

It is estimated that approx half the UK Commercial workforce are considered to be ‘knowledge workers’ who benefit from collaborative environments.

Getting the balance and flexibility right is vital in making sure that the change we implement has a positive effect on staff moral and therefore business performance.
We are here to ensure that the inevitable gap between theory and practice is bridged, which in turn simplifies the workplace change process, building confidence and ‘buy in’ from the main stakeholders.

We not only rely on the accuracy of our automated data gather and space utilisation tools, but cross reference these with human judgement, based on years of experience.

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