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Improve the acoustic comfort of your workspace… with our range of acoustic solutions.

Our acoustic solutions create a unique mood and an acoustic comfort to your workspace.

Acoustic Environments:

Our ‘Acoustic Panels’ offer a wide range of finishes in One or Two colours from a choice of over 130 possible combinations. All dimensions can be made with standard formats, installation is quick and easy.

The ‘Agile Acoustic Cabins’ are a simple, innovative and ecological solution to acoustic problems in workspaces or public areas. Installed in a few seconds, the Cabin is amazingly original and surprisingly effective. It allows one or two people to be acoustically isolated during telephone calls, informal conversations or videoconferences.

Sound Reduction Information

With an absorption coefficient of αw=1(Report no. AC13-26042001/1, according to ISO 354 norm), all our Products are Class A and have outstanding performance – measured by an independent test laboratory.


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