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Space costs money – storage demands space…

If your organisation is required to store anything in reasonable quantities then the cost of that facility is placing a direct burden on the bottom line.

With over 24 years experience in specifying & installing storage systems we can ensure you get this important element correct & maximise your space whilst minimising the cost.

Our dedicated team are trained to obtain all relevant information required to arrive at the ultimate storage solution, only when we have a complete understanding of your objectives do we recommend a system that will satisfy current needs also adding the flexibility to cope with future expansion or contraction.

We aim to provide the very best deign & installation service to ensure the safe & efficient storage of all materials & media, irrespective of size & shape.


“Careful considered design allows maximum storage whilst maintaining efficient retrieval rates”.

Storage Case Studies

LBG Roller Racking

RBS Server Racking

LBG Storage Solution

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