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We deliver a seamless transition so your business is operational first thing Monday morning.

IT relocation is perhaps one of the most important disciplines in any relocation process. Our Lead PM has over 20 years experience in delivering IT relocation services for some of the largest UK banking institutions, experience is invaluable to a successful IT relocation.

We provide a wide range of server and computer logistic services that can be tailored to your company’s individual requirements. We specialise in relocating IT systems equipment, especially servers and relocating PCs. Be it from site to site, or within the same building, our dedicated service can help you to save on downtime, thus minimising disruption to your business.

Our working practises are instrumental to our delivery, IT equipment is labelled before being de-commissioned, existing workstations photographed to ensure the re-commissioning of their desktop equipment is placed like for like, ready for ‘business as usual’ post move.

Equipment is carefully packed into anti-static bubble wrap and computer crates or specially designed flight cases. Due to the security nature of some of our clients PC/server data, we have developed a secure methodology for the relocation process. All movement is GPS tracked, ensuring your business arrives safely in its new location. IT GPS movement can be tracked by you or by us, either on line or by smart phones.

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