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A detailed understanding of your objectives, regular communication & years of experience are key to the delivery of a successful office moves and management project.

We take the time to develop a programme tailored to the individual needs of your organisation. Our modular services can be utilised as your project dictates, which ensures the transition to your new space seem effortless and ensures best value.

We can embed teams into your organisation on a churn basis, or operate as an outsourced project resource. Our flexibility makes Cubic an effective and professional partner to your business, for the duration of the Office Move and Changes process, eliminating down time and allowing you to focus on your core activities.

Whether Office Move or Project Managing your relocation, our dedicated team will make sure that your business risks are minimised & you are ‘up & running’ post move.

Our focus:

Developing the Brief
We believe one of the most important aspects of a successful move is a full understanding of our client’s brief. We appreciate time is valuable under normal conditions, add to that the challenges of ensuring your business does not suffer as a result of relocation, then time becomes even more valuable. We are skilled & experienced at ‘cutting to the chase’, ensuring your brief is fully understood & taking responsibility, from engagement to handover. We pride ourselves in ensuring that the agreed roles & responsibilities align with both cost & delivery expectation, so here are no hidden surprises.

Effective, Detailed & Regular Communication
There’s no point in fully appreciating the brief if your move programme is not both sufficiently detailed & communicated to the right people at the right time. Move strategies, third party engagement, end user engagement, programme schedules, cost alignment together with pre & post move support are the main competencies our project teams are both tasked with & measured by. Our Occupancy Management Service (OCCUPi) can be deployed to augment & streamline both the planning & delivery phases. We would very quickly produce detailed strategic plans for sign off, then exit & host site plans & move packs so the endstate is clearly communicated to all stakeholders & is also a central & consistent source for all move data. This process, whilst weighted differently to account for each client’s individual needs, forms the basis of any successful relocation.

The Process Driven Delivery
Whilst the vast majority of correctly planned moves are executed perfectly, there is the occasional challenge which may arise during the journey & that’s where our extensive experience comes into play. The knowledge gained through many years in the industry means that these issues are dealt with effectively, efficiently and with alacrity, this gives you the peace of mind of knowing your business is operational from day one.

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