Data Gather

Occupi gathers your occupancy data in various ways…


Online Survey – Cubic provide a web link to occupants whose data is required, for a short online questionnaire
Onsite Survey – Cubic interview all occupants to gather the information
Client Provided – You provide the information for us to build the database

Information required about your occupants workspace can be as detailed as you require (high level or low level), a typical data gather may consist of:

Divisional and Team Occupancy            Occupant Name (1:1)          Hot (shared desks)
Agile Working Ratios
IT Information
Office/Meeting Room Allocation
Storage/Locker Ownership
DSE/DDA Requirements
Spare (unallocated)

Using the information gathered we build a database and a dynamic link to your floor plans.

Space Utilisation Data is gathered using a deployment of wireless utilisation sensors discreetly located under desks. The sensors transmit live data direct to a small number of wireless receivers, connected to our servers.

The wireless sensors are lightweight, compact and portable, allowing for flexible deployment in monitoring both room and/or individual workspace utilisation. The sensors can be programmed to best suit your requirements, providing various levels of detail.  The data information is live and hard to question, as it constantly reports when desks and rooms are being used, thus providing highly accurate management information.

The utilisation levels are linked to your OCCUPi database, enabling you to:

Quickly understand actual occupancy levels
Make fast strategic portfolio decisions
Measure patterns, peaks and troughs in workspace use
Quickly space plan and block stack buildings
Have early sight of move data – reducing lead/prep time
Have one source of data providing operational savings

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