Quality Assurance Policy Statement

The Directors, management and all personnel of Cubic Limited are fully committed to a comprehensive and developing policy of assuring the supply of quality products, processes and services in accordance with the company’s organisational goals.

The Directors accept the total responsibility for the provision of professionally qualified and experienced project management and supporting personnel, with current prevailing electronic technical resources, controlled documentation and working practices and procedures to ensure all contract commitments are both efficiently and effectively expedited and achieved.

To ensure the working effectiveness of the company’s Management System the Directors have nominated the Technical Director as System Manager with executive responsibility for the Management System to ensure its ongoing effectiveness and continual improvement.

The company’s Management System is subject to regular internal auditing and through external third party assessment and surveillance by an accredited assessment body.

The company’s Quality Policy is a corporate statement of commitment to quality of product, processes, and services and which is totally supported by the Directors, management and all personnel within the organisation of Cubic Limited.

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